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Re-engineering Projects

Take a look at our fantastic range of re-engineering projects here at Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP Ltd) and find ways in which we can get more out of your proven and trusty technology.

We provide a complete service to re-engineer existing equipment, which will either extend its working life or upgrade it in order to provide improved or extended functionality.

One example of our re-engineering projects is the capability to offer improvements using the latest electro-hydraulic equipment. This gives you ease of control for monitoring functions in both safe and hazardous work areas. 

Another instance of our re-engineering procedures in practice is that we can install, flush and pressure-test new piping and control systems using our own test rigs and laboratory-standard equipment.

Other areas where our re-engineering systems can be put into action include:

If you want to find out more about our re-engineering projects, make an enquiry via our online form or by getting in touch directly.