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Past Projects

Wondering how Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP Ltd) can help you and your business? Take a look at the list of just a few of the past projects that we have successfully completed below. They cover various industries and were carried out in countries across the globe.



  • 40Te tow winches (China)


  • 4 pair hydraulic LCE (Indonesia)


  • 12 pair linear cable engine (Russia)


  • 10Te tracked engine (Singapore)


  • Electric 2 pair transporter (Sweden)
  • Electric 2 pair powered quadrant (Sweden)


  • DTR Tension Rig (UK)
  • 6 point mooring winch system (UK)
  • 180Te pulling winch (UK)
  • Hydraulic 2 pair transporter (UK)
  • 7000Te cable carousel and cable handling system (UK)
  • 15Te constant tension winches (UK)
  • 5Te constant tension diesel winches (UK)

United Arab Emirates

  • Hydraulic 3 pair powered quadrant (UAE)


  • 30Te drum engine and 2 pair draw off hold back (USA)

Various Countries

  • Various configurations of LCE (various)
  • Various HPUs, diesel and electrical (various)
  • Various specialist winches, 5-60Te (various)
  • Various upgrades to existing handling systems (various)
  • Various EEXD electro-hydraulic systems for industrial and offshore hazardous area applications, 15-110kW diesel and electric driven (various)

If you have a query about any of our previous projects or are looking for something similar for your company, contact us by either filling out our enquiry form or getting in touch directly.