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Design Projects

With an array of the most modern software available, our design team can ensure that each aspect of our equipment is accurately and efficiently designed.

Our design projects here at Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP Ltd) showcase operations using hydraulic, electrical and mechanical setups alike. Here’s a look at some components of our design project ideas:

Mechanical Design (including FEA)FEA_500x302

Solidworks is a 3D CAD software package that allows us to take projects from concept to fabrication with minimal errors or delay. This software enables our design engineers to calculate stress and strain forces at which the components will fail using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) module. As a result, they enable our engineers to check the equipment is suitable for the job.

AutoCAD is used when designing some mechanical components. It can also be utilised in order to provide general assembly drawings of equipment to customers, so that equipment designs can be placed into deck spreads.


Hydraulic Circuit DesignAutomation_Studio_500

Automation Studio allows our hydraulic design engineers to not only design hydraulic systems, but also simulates testing factors such as cavitation and oil temperature. With this software in place, we can have absolute confidence in the designs of any hydraulic system before a single drop of oil passes through its pump. This software has electrical, HMI, and PLC modules too, so a truly complete system design can be simulated and trialled.

AutoCAD can also be used when we are designing standard hydraulic systems.


Electrical Circuit DesignEplan_500x285

Automation Studio allows our electrical design engineers to not only design electrical systems, but also simulate them. A PLC module attached to the software allows us to write simple PLC programs for testing. The program has hydraulic and HMI modules as well, which collectively enables a complete system design to be created for simulation and trial processes.

ePlan can also be used by our engineers to design electrical schematics.

Various Supplier Specific PLC Software comes into play by enabling users to program a number of different types of PLC effectively.


Human Machine Interface (HMI) DesignHMI_500x377

Redlion Crimson 3.0 can create ergonomic, user-friendly pieces of software for the touchscreen Redlion HMIs, which are used regularly on our various pieces of equipment.

Various Supplier Specific HMI Software is used by our team when they are required to program many different forms of HMI.

Contact us or use our online enquiry form to request further information about any of our projects and techniques.