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Tracked Engines

Find a high-quality collection of tracked engines that have been designed and manufactured by Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP Ltd).

The equipment is great for use in the power and telecommunications industries, in operations where subsea cables need laying, modifying or retrieving.

We have supplied tracked engines which are capable of withstanding tensions of 5Te, 10Te, 15Te, and 20Te. Watch our video of our 15Te tracked engines below to learn more:

Our 15Te tracked engines are designed to be used in the laying and retrieval of subsea cables. It is driven by a hydraulic powerpack and controlled with a remote ergonomically designed control desk. With its robust design, the technology is suited to be operated in even the most hazardous environments.

Need a specific tracked engine? We can modify each piece of equipment so that it perfectly suits your individual requirements. You can also hire tracked engines, if you prefer.

Take a look through all of our tracked engines and find out more by completing our online enquiry form or getting in touch today.