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Cable Carousels

Cable carousels can be designed, built and supplied to your specific needs right here at Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP Ltd).

We’re proud to manufacture impressive carousel systems like the 7000Te cable carousel, as well as full cable handling deck spreads.

7000Te Cable Carousel

In July 2010, FHP Ltd successfully completed the build of one of the world’s largest cable carousels. The colossal 26m diameter unit is capable of holding 7000Te of product.

Check out the following video of the 7000Te Carousel in action:

FHP Ltd also builds a suite of equipment for completing a fully functional offshore lay system. This includes:

All of the units can be controlled and operated separately or synchronously in order to provide a system which is both incredibly functional and user-friendly.

To make the system as flexible as possible, the units can be controlled from the control room at the top of the tower, in the tracked engine control room or remotely via a pendant radio control.

Contact us today to find out more about our cable carousels.