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Royal IHC acquires FHP Ltd.

A picture of the key personnel involved in the acquisition of FHP by IHC

FHP began in 1986 and over the last 29 years has grown through referrals from existing clients and industry contacts to be a recognized and trusted provider of critical equipment in multiple markets. We have built up a professional team of engineers and offshore technicians and as a result we have experienced good growth to bring us to where we are today.

We believe joining the IHC group will allow us to provide a wider range of services and further investment will allow us to increase the size of our rental fleet and develop new products to satisfy customer requirements.

FHP’s strong track record lies in the ability to provide robust solutions to meet client requirements on a time effective schedule and we wish to continue this basis on both a sale and rental front. As part of IHC, FHP will be able to take on more, and larger, projects for our clients on both a bespoke and product basis.

Additionally, IHC’s intention is to utilise FHP as their offshore rental hub, and base of rental operations going forwards. This is an exciting step for FHP which will see an expansion in our current rental fleet but also the addition of further mission equipment for offshore installation activities. As such, we will continue to operate from our current production facility in Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Going forwards, FHP will continue to support you in the normal fashion. Your existing contracts remain in effect, support infrastructure and account relationships all remain unchanged and our technical services team will continue to support you as they do today. This means you will still have all of the same high-quality products and services you are used to, but will also benefit from the extra services, technology and support that the wider IHC group can provide.

At this stage we are keen to introduce you to two new key personnel; Mick Jones and Will Stephenson. Mick Jones is the Director of Rental Operations for IHC and sits as Managing Director for IHC FHP. Will is Stephenson is the new Sales Manager for IHC Rentals & IHC FHP and looks forward to meeting with you in the new future to discuss our new capabilities.

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you and your company then please do not hesitate to contact any of us at any time. We look forward to introducing you to some of the extended capabilities we, and the rest of IHC, will be able to offer you.

This is a new and exciting chapter for IHC FHP and we look forward to sharing this with our existing clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact William Stephenson ( should you have any questions or if you would like to arrange for a visit from the IHC FHP team to see how the changes can benefit your company.

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