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Helen with Certificate

Helen Ross, the daughter of our Storeman Les George, has now completed her trip and is back in the UK taking on a Health Psychology Masters .

Helen has had a wonderful time exploring the country and immersing herself in the culture, and has thrown herself into the local community not only assisting in sessions with a Doctor from the Kilinochchi General District Hospital, but helping patients learn English and partake in special needs projects in local temples , Orphanages and outpatient clinics.

“Gaining first-hand experience of working in a country that is less fortunate than our own was exceptionally difficult to take in at times. Yet, when reflecting upon such feelings, it was crucial to remember that without the SLV volunteers, these children, service users and patients wouldn’t have anywhere near as much support, education and social interaction”.

It is valuable work being carried out,  and Helen stated that “these devastating life experiences can affect ones mental health.  Although there are vast cultural differences between England and Sri Lanka, sadly, the greatest common factor is the stigma associated with mental health.”
We are very pleased that our Charity Committee could help fund a project that reached out as far as Sri Lanka, and wish Helen the best of luck in all of her future endeavours.    You can read about Helen’s trip on her blog .

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