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FHP Sponsor Seghill FC

Seghill FC wearing their FHP sponsored strips

We were approached by one of our Hydraulic Engineers Stuart Mcgregor, who plays Midfield for Seghill  and has been with FHP Ltd since the age of 16, when he joined as an apprentice Hydraulic & Electrical Engineer. Once  we heard how enthusiastic he was about his team, and how large a  part of the local community they are, we were happy to help.  Seghill FC are a relatively new club and have only been running for 5 years, however they have already won the 2013/2014 Newcastle Corinthians League, and got to the final of the Calvert Cup.  They are currently trying to get into the Tyneside Amateur League, and we wish them well with this.

Stuart said “Having FHP sponsor the kit has made a huge difference to our team morale.  It helps take the pressure off players constantly raising money for kit, which means we can spend more time raising funds for other worthy causes”.

Good luck to Seghill in the coming season, we wish them well and look forward to attending as many games as possible.

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