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Case Studies

Here at Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP Ltd), we have compiled a collection of case studies to showcase how we have successfully created equipment for offshore, marine and subsea industries alike.

Browse our case studies below and if you have any queries about how we can offer similar services to your business, get in touch either via our enquiry form or by contacting us directly.

Don’t forget that you can get an even better scope of our services by also perusing our selection of marine, offshore and subsea technology projects.

Shell BC-10 LoFS Seismic Cable Lay, Brazil 2013

In 2012 FHP were approached to develop and hire out a modified LCE (Linear Cable Engine) system to lay LoFS (Life of Field Survey) cable off the east coast of Brazil in the BC-10 Field. Along with the aim of improving current LoFS lay methods, this project had the added challenge of being the deepest LoFS system ever installed at 1,800m depth.

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